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At Auspower Electrical Services we specialise in the supply and installation of quality air conditioning systems to homes and offices right across Perth. Everyone deserves the comfort of air-conditioning. Once you have it you may wonder how you have coped without it.

Specialising in split system air conditioners, we can advise you on the most cost effective requirements for your home or office. Split system air conditioners have the advantage of keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Whether you need to cool one room or several – we can advise what size units are best for your particular needs.

With recent emphasis on energy efficiency, modern air conditioners are built to be far more efficient than their predecessors. When considering the air conditioner best for your home or office, always consider the long term operating cost. Some systems maybe cheaper to purchase but in the long term they have a lower energy efficiency and will cost you more to operate. The higher the energy efficiency rating, the lower the operating costs and in the long term the more cost effective they will be.

It is best to speak to your electrician prior to purchasing a unit – we can advise on requirements or quote for supply and installation of a suitable unit.
We can supply and install any brand of split air conditioner but we use and recommend Mitsubishi Electric. We can source a unit for you at a more competitive price than you will purchase from a retailer. Let us help you with your air conditioning requirements with our cost effective solutions.

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